Gain the Edge and Confidence you NEED to Succeed this Audition Season!

Winter Audition Preparation Workshop/Intensive

Develop. Grow. Shine!

December 31, 2018 to January 5, 2018

This Intensive program is designed to prepare advanced intermediate to advanced ballet students for successful auditions for professional school summer programs, college programs and company auditions.

Program Includes 3+ hours of daily technique classes Professional Audition Photographs, audition readiness seminars, resume review and a Mock Audition with performance notes from current and retired Professionals in the field.

Students receive daily ballet and pointe classes with alternating pilates and/or modern classes and discussions and lectures on what companies and schools are looking for regarding make up, personal presentation, hair etc.

The 14 students who attended the last four years were accepted into over 40+ competitive college and intensive programs collectively each year!

This program is open to current students Ballet IVA and up. All others should contact Miss Miah for approval.

Winter Registration Opens November 1st, 2018!

From a family that participated in the Winter Program

I want to take time to say thank you Miss Miah.  Your audition prep week that Timmorie participated in last year is still helping her today. It is the gift that keeps on giving!
We have moved to the Chicago area and there is NOTHING like it here. Believe me, I looked for something close to what you do at SPAA but found nothing. 

I think that the confidence that the prep-week gives a dance student is the benefit that you cannot measure.  I know that when my dancer goes to an audition that she is prepared. The results are the results. We have done all we can for her to do her best.

This year has been successful for Timmorie, she was accepted to the Nutmeg Conservatory with a nice partial scholarship for 6 weeks! She has also been accepted and promoted a level in the Faubourg School of Ballet and summer programs with Houston Ballet and Ellison Ballet.

Again, I am very grateful for the chance my daughter had to participate in your program last year. It was money that was VERY well spent. If I could get her there to do it again, I would do it in a minute!! 

Thank you so much!