Unleashing Your Child’s Genius

Unleashing Genius!  It is so thrilling for me as a teacher, to have the opportunity to watch young people develop and enfold, over time. I remember when I was in 9th grade when my drama teacher, Ms. W~ (Yes, I can’t remember how to spell her name. To my credit, it was over 40 years ago…) allowed me the freedom to “unleash” my creativity, a life defining moment!

Fast forward, to the early 90’s when I was hired as a Musical Theatre consultant for the San Diego Unified School District. I had the creative pleasure of working with an amazing faculty.  It was my job to create a script from their curriculum for the ESL students of the day.
Mind you, as a second generation, Italian~ I speak only English. Yet, there I was communicating with the genius that is in every child. Regardless of our language limitations, we were able to journey far beyond… via the creative vehicle of Musical Theatre.
Not to mention, there I was, “once again,” negotiating with the faculty for
more rehearsal time. It was firmly pointed out to me, that “once again,” I was casting the “trouble maker” of the class in the leading role. A “trouble maker” who had been labeled “undeserving” by most. By me, simply, “mis-understood!”
This is where I began, with  a young 5th grade boy, named Jesus. He took the bus daily from southeast San Diego to Torrey Pines Elementary in La Jolla. I confess, he was my challenge and my teacher. It was NOT easy. He did not rehearse with any sense of understanding of how important and gifted he really was. Sadly, there was no additional support at home.
At the final performance with 700 students, teachers and parents in the audience he “unleashed” his personal best… and that was just about the best moment… ever… for both of us.
unleashing genius
Unleashing Genius! That’s it! The “one thing” that makes life meaningful in ways that most will never know… unless they too, have the opportunity to have a Musical Theatre experience where we meet our true selves ~ and who we really are!
There are a few places left! Don’t miss the opportunity to “stretch” and unleash your child’s genius with our nurturing, creative and talented staff who translate the passion of life itself, through the magical, creative vehicle of musical theatre!
We’ll See You On Stage or in the Audience!
Miss Angela
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