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General Information

The Scripps Performing Arts Academy’s Theatre Department is a wonderful place for young actors and singers to strengthen their skills in classes while developing the techniques they need to become professional performers. Scripps Performing Arts hosts two full-length musical theater productions each year, with other performance opportunities offered in between productions. Students gain confidence by performing live in front of an audience. Whether you are interested in brushing up on your technique and performance skills by attending workshop classes weekly, or interested in performing in a full-length musical, Scripps Performing Art’s Theater Department has something for everyone!

How to Choose the Right Musical Theatre Program for Your Child...

Why Musical Theatre?

A Musical Theatre experience is the last frontier: a microcosm for practicing life skills in one comprehensive program that brings together all of the arts. Music and dance introduce basic performing arts. The design and creation of sets, costumes and props integrate the visual arts. Rehearsing and performing dialogue develops language skills. Integrating sound and lighting explores the use of technology. As you can see, a musical celebrates many diverse disciplines in one arena. The process of putting a show together helps to develop a life-long love of the arts and an appreciation for discipline, respect and patience. Public speaking, promoting team-work through collaboration and community, communication skills, confidence and self-esteem are just some among many of the valuable life lessons gained through the musical theatre experience.

What to Look for in Programs that are Available to Families in San Diego County

1.Rehearsals and Cast Size. Discerning parents appreciate small cast size. When a cast is made up of large groups of “chorus members” hoping to one day to be cast in a “lead role,” the stage experience is diluted for the child participating in “epic” children’s theatre. Young children need attention, direction, and experience to practice their craft.

2.Small groups promote a nurturing environment that develops strong and healthy work ethics. Small groups cultivate a child’s natural abilities. Here children are encouraged to appreciate both their strengths and improve weaknesses to develop the whole self.

3. Learning the 3 R’s Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and the ability to apply them to all aspects of life is synonymous for young actors- Vocal, Dance and Drama.
You cannot teach a child to sing, dance or act within a show, training comes from taking class and then applying those techniques to the production.

4. Being in a show for the sake of having fun is wonderful. Being in a show to experience your own personal excellence is really fun and satisfying.
Please ask the office for a comprehensive price comparison guide for Scripps Performing Arts and other programs in San Diego County.

What people are saying


“Thanks again for offering these opportunities for the kids. These experiences have sparked such a growing enthusiasm for music and confidence through performing. I don’t know where else we could have found such a way to ignite their interests in the arts and seen such personal growth.”

-Susan Clarke
Mother of Three Former Theatre Department Students