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If you are looking for a pre-professional ballet program that values education and self-discipline, then SPAA is the place for your child. Three years ago, my then 12 year old daughter was at a crossroads in her dance training. She was at a competition studio, studying all forms of dance, but really wanted a solid dance education that could take her farther than dance competitions. Luckily I found SPAA and Ms. Angela and Ms. Miah encouraged my daughter to try their program. My daughter has since been to Summer intensives at Pacific Northwest Ballet, Houston Ballet and has been accepted to others including San Francisco Ballet, Miami City Ballet and Boston Ballet. This summer she is off to New York to train at Juilliard. She has taken classes from the best and feels that the classes at SPAA have not only prepared her well for other programs but are on par with the level of instruction.

There is very little turnover of teachers or students at SPAA. She has been with the same teachers and students for the last three years. Kids leave when they graduate and take their love of dance with them. The teachers are fair, kind and truly care about their students.

This program is reasonably priced and Ms. Miah puts her heart and soul into educating the dancers. They charge a fraction of what I was paying for competition dance.

My daughter is happy and I never question the education she is receiving at SPAA. I highly recommend this school and only wish I had found it earlier.

Keri London
Parent of  an Upper Division Student

We are so grateful that our daughter began her dance career at age 6 at Scripps Performing Arts Academy. She learned to love ballet here, but more importantly she learned life lessons like discipline, hard work, friendship, helping others and perseverance. SPAA has played a big part in who she has become as a dancer, and more importantly as a person.

Scripps Performing Arts Academy rivals the top ballet schools across the country in their ability to teach quality ballet technique and artistry to their students. It is so special to have a local ballet school right here in San Diego that can provide both a nurturing atmosphere and at the same time prepare dancers to compete on the national level. The added plus is the individual attention each student receives celebrating their strengths and addressing their weaknesses that really sets SPAA apart from other schools. The curriculum is rigorous enough to prepare professional dancers, but can also accomodate schedules for more recreational students in Musical Theatre, those heavily involved in school or other sports. There is such a variety of music and performing arts programs and dance styles that provide each child the ability to discover their passion.

Miah Nwosu is an incredibly caring and professional teacher, coach, Ballet Mistress and mentor to her students who is constantly growing and learning to bring the very best and latest to SPAA. Miah bonds with each student and ensures that they receive the right amount of challenge and support they need to succeed. She also brings in teaching talent from around the globe and introduces new productions and choreography to keep the students engaged.

I highly recommend SPAA to anyone looking for a supportive, high quality environment for ballet training.

Kim Polaski
Mother of SPAA ’13 graduate, Alexandra Polaski, San Francisco Ballet Trainee

Alexandra Polaski, Scripps Performing Arts Academy Alum

Photo by Rachel Neville

Jennifer Hooper, Scripps Performing Arts Academy Alum

I first fell in love with the idea of becoming a ballerina at the age of three or four because it seemed exciting and glamorous. After convincing my parents to enroll me in Angela Amoroso’s creative movement classes at Mission Bay Montessori, I was hooked. I soon followed Angela over to her studio at Scripps Performing Arts Academy where I continued to cultivate my love of dance. (Fast forward 24 years later, and here I am at the height of my professional dance career as a Soloist with Texas Ballet Theater).

Looking back on my childhood and the beginnings of my early development as an artist and individual, I realize how fortunate I was to start my dance training with Scripps Performing Arts. It quickly became like a second home and family to me, because it was a safe place where everyone could share their love of live theater while being encouraged to be our true individual selves. I will forever be grateful to Angela and Scripps Performing Arts because they were responsible for helping ignite the life long passion within me to dance. It was through their extremely nurturing, positive, fun, and more importantly non-competitive program, that I never lost sight of my own personal reasons for dancing and never became tired of it.

One of the most important things the Academy instilled in its students was that even though we were children, we could make a difference in the world. After all of the countless performances of performing in honor of Earth Day, and in public libraries and high schools around the community, the most valuable lesson I learned, that I still try to apply to my life as a dancer to this day, is to always dance from my heart and for the pure joy that it may bring to others. Although I am just one small being in this universe, I too can make a difference by sharing my passion and talents with the world.
-Jennifer Huerta
SPAA ’98 graduate, Soloist with Texas Ballet Theatre

I began my training at Scripps Performing Arts at the age of 3, and continued to be a part of this welcoming community for the next 15 years. Following in my two sisters' footsteps, I began ballet because my mom knew dancing around the house in a tutu wasn't enough. Each time my mother brought us to class, she knew she was bringing her daughters to a safe, loving, nurturing, and knowledgeable performing arts centre to continue her children's art education.

Early on, I dreamt of becoming a professional ballerina. The inspiring faculty and nurturing environment only motivated me and showed me that my dream was achievable. As I moved up from the children's division into the pre-professional program, I could see my abilities sky rocket between technique, strength, and artistry. The philosophy that Angela Amoroso has developed the Academy with instilled self-confidence, goal setting, and discipline in me. Throughout my training I was told that I have an unlimited amount of potential just waiting to be developed.

Miah Nwosu, the Artistic Director and Principal, made sure I had all the tools I needed in my training to create a strong foundation for the dance career I wanted. Miss Miah, Miss Angela, and the rest of the faculty all go above and beyond any other ballet school there is to ensure their dancers are getting everything they need to succeed.

Not only have I received superb training through the Academy but I have been given myriads of performance opportunities through the youth company in residence, Scripps Ballet Theatre. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for being well rounded in dance styles, technique, and performing abilities which is such an important part of sharing the art and passion of ballet.

I now can officially say I have reached my life-long dream of dancing professionally. I could not have done this without the mentoring, personalized ballet education, and life lessons SPAA has provided for me. I would definitely say SPAA is a premiere training facility for dancers in Southern California and the perfect way to round out ones education no matter what ones dream is!
Stephanie Cotton
SPAA '14 graduate, Trainee with the Nevada Ballet Theatre

Stephanie Cotton, Scripps Performing Arts Academy Alum

Joy S., Scripps Performing Arts Academy Alum

Dance is many things…it is free, expressive, challenging, passionate, captivating, magical, and beautiful. Dance is much more than just body movements, because each movement has meaning and emotion behind it. It is truly a versatile form of art that teaches lifelong skills and techniques that can be applied to both in and out of class.

The teachers and staff at Scripps Performing Arts Academy taught me the beauty of dance. They not only focus on improving ballet technique, but also mentor students in having the right mentality and attitude when facing obstacles and situations in life. The beauty of dance exceeds beyond performing on stage, and continues to the behind-the-scenes of classes and rehearsals. It is amazing to be in a nurturing environment where dancers support each other and work hard during dance class while still being able to enjoy spending time together.

Scripps Performing Arts Academy creates a loving, caring, happy environment for students to be in and recognizes the different levels within a class. Instead of dispiriting students, the staff inspires students to be the best they can be through hard work, dedication, and passion. The constant support and encouragement inspires me to help others and continually strive to become better and contribute to the community, no matter how small or big the deed.
-Joy Shen
SPAA '14 graduate, Currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University

When I moved to San Diego in sixth grade, I didn't immediately find a new studio to resume dance classes. It took me two years to finally restart taking dance classes. Looking back, I'm more than grateful to have rediscovered my passion for ballet at Scripps Performing Arts Academy.

In my two year break from dance, I lost ballet technique but the teachers at Scripps Performing Arts Academy helped me regain those skills and provided an environment for me to grow as a dancer at my own pace. I didn't feel pressured to progress faster to catch up to the level of dancers my own age.

Scripps Performing Arts Academy helped me find and pursue my love for ballet. I was able to pursue both a strong academic career as well as my passion for dance without feeling pressured to choose one. Ballet has allowed me to grow both as a dancer and as a person and I have been incredibly blessed to have had the staff and faculty of Scripps Performing Arts Academy support me through my pursuit of ballet.
-Lilian Chang
SPAA '14 graduate, Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at the University of Michigan

Lilian C., Scripps Performing Arts Academy Alum

"This has been a wonderful year for Faith at Scripps Performing Arts Academy and we are so grateful for all that you ladies do for your dancers. For me, it is so great to watch her blossom and grow in such a safe and nurturing environment. For Faith, the dance studio feels like her home away from home and she loves every minute that she spends there. We are so fortunate to have landed at Scripps Performing Arts Academy so many years ago. I know nothing about dance, but I do know that I can always lean on your guidance to help my daughter get where she wants to go. Thank you for that!
We are looking forward to a another wonderful year!"

-Dace Corlett
Parent of a Current Lower Division Ballet Student

"There's this misconception that pursuing ballet while also studying to apply to top colleges doesn't coincide. Scripps Performing Arts Academy proves this is not the case- if anything, it's the exact opposite, and definitely was such for me. I was able to pursue dance at a pre-professional level, dancing many hours every week at the Academy, and landed a spot at my first choice college. A large part of the success I had in the college application process was BECAUSE I am a ballet dancer, not despite it.

The teachers here recognize that not all their ballet students want to become professional ballet dancers. Rather than pushing that fact under the rug, as so many pre-pro ballet schools do, Scripps Performing Arts Academy embraces it and works with the student to tailor their schedules to allow them to pursue whatever it is that they want, while still fully immersing them in strong ballet technique. Similarly, the combination of discipline and creativity the Academy instills in students lasts a lifetime.

As a rising Junior in college, I've been interning on Wall Street in Aerospace Defense Investment Banking. I've had senior directors compliment me on my ability to balance large amounts of very technical financial work while still bringing creativity to the end product. I can honestly say this comes from what being a ballet student at Scripps Performing Arts Academy taught me: discipline and a strong work ethic, rolled in with artistic creativity.

I know that I will be benefiting from what I learned at the Scripps Performing Arts Academy for years to come."
-Rachel D.
SPAA '12 graduate, Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at Claremont McKenna College on Full Academic Scholarship

Rachel D., Scripps Performing Arts Academy Alum

Some of my best memories were spent dancing at the Scripps Performing Arts Academy. I attended for over 5 years and made life-long friendships while working on my passion for dance. Their faculty genuinely cares for its students and will bend over backwards to help you succeed. After trying many dance studios in San Diego, the Scripps Performing Arts Academy is where I felt most comfortable and at home. Their training is versatile and caters to every focus. Miah Nwosu, the Artistic Director, is by far the best dance teacher I have ever had in my 15 years of experience. At 22 years old, I credit my discipline and responsibility to her and for that I am eternally grateful.
Leticia Whitton
SPAA '10 graduate. Attended Boston Conservatory for Dance. Currently Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of San Francisco

To the ENTIRE staff of the Scripps Performing Arts Academy,
This was a very positive, enriching experience for my daughter McKenna, she had a blast!!!
Every one of you are very professional, patient and dedicated to creating a wonderful experience for both the childrens and the audience. We had a terrific time! Thank you for the opportunity.

-Sandy and McKenna
Participants in our 2009 American Girl Fashion Show

I am so impressed with the improvements I see each year. You are doing a wonderful service with the young people not only teaching them to dance, but teaching them how to discipline their lives. These are things they will benefit from throughout their lives. These young people are so blessed to have the opportunity to work in a disciplined environment with such talented instructors.
-Sylvia Danner
Grand Mother of a former Pre-Professional Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Musical Theatre Student

I danced at Scripps Performing Arts Academy my entire life, and they helped me grow as a dancer and as a person. It's nice to be able to go into a dance class knowing that everyone there is on your side trying to help you become the best you can be. At Scripps Performing Arts everything is very professional, but in a very nurturing environment which is pretty rare to find at a ballet studio. The teachers here are not only great dance teachers, but also great mentors who are more than willing to help any student with any problems they have. I highly recommend Scripps Performing Arts Academy to any dancer that is looking for a fulfilling dance training experience.
- Rachel Irelan
SPAA '09 graduate, Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance at the Boston Conservatory '13. Currently dancing professionally with [the] movement initiative and the Zgroove Company.

I started dancing at the Scripps Performing Arts Academy when I was eight years old and continued to train there until I graduated from high school. The Academy has always been a great environment to grow up in. The teachers are encouraging while instilling discipline at the same time. They pushed me to work hard at all times, and I was constantly being challenged. Although there were times when I tired of going to class everyday, I realized it was only for my good. My dancing improved so much thanks to all of the long hours I spent training. Miss Miah was my main teacher through all of my dancing years, and she really knows her ballet. She was always the teacher who focused on the technicality of ballet before she moved on to making the dancing look good. She gave my classmates and I a solid background when we were young, so we could excel when we got older. I am currently attending Westmont College and I always love to come back to the studio on breaks to dance.
-Meredith Reed
SPAA '10 graduate, Graduated with Bachelors Degree from Westmont University