Imagination; the Key to Life!

At this time of year, every child’s imagination takes flight “as dreams of sugar plums dance through their heads.” Why? Because the human experience is all about imagination. It’s about creating all things good. Start with a paint brush or a key pad, it’s all about how we use our imagination.

Imagination Nutcracker dance ballet
  And when we utilize our imagination we feel good! Therefore…

The one thing I really know for sure is what happens to our students when they dance in our annual Nutcracker production.  This ballet performance allows them to “live in their imagination…” And that is a magical way to grow up!

Cooking on all burners, accessing a balance of the brain’s right and left hemispheres is how the imagination works. Ballet is everything to a developing mind. You cannot acquire leading edge knowledge by reading alone; you must dance it, drum it, and vibrate every cell in your body to perpetuate inspired learning. That is why we begin with ballet. To ignite the imagination forever.

Every year we observe how the developmental appropriateness of the total child is achieved. Take for instance a 3-year-old snowflake. One at a time they are given the opportunity to demonstrate what they have

Imagination nutcracker dance ballet
learned with freedom. Freedom in their imagination, freedom in their choices for how to deliver the choreography, freedom to be who they are.

The audience watches with anticipation as each child (unique as a snowflake itself) experiences the range of possibility for emotional growth. We observe sheer, fearless delight, then tender caution of deliberate intention.  Their Imagination soars, as weeks of rehearsal transforms the young child into an eternal student for life itself. It is really inspiring. After 38 years in education, I know that performing in the Nutcracker is essential to a well-rounded, education.


And finally, the magic is truly alive in all of our students who have been working for 7-or-more years, (11-18-year-old, boys and girls) developing and awakening to who they really are. Dancing like professionals, they touch the stage with grace, ready to be launched into the adult world, taking their imaginations with them.

All that ballet is, is now in all that they do. They have developed into such amazing people from the inside out, that it takes my breath away. All of the creativity, self awareness, discipline, and so much, more showers into all aspects of their lives. They have a tool box to conquer any challenge and a way to celebrate life and friendship like no other.

Imagination Fairmont Grand Del Mar Nutcracker tea
Educating children is complete with ballet.  And a ballet education is complete with our beloved, Holiday Nutcracker Tradition.

Register Today to be part of this magical experience. If you are unable to join us from the stage, be sure to get your early bird discounted tickets on   Will-Call-Wednesdays.

Starting September 28, 2016 Please visit the David & Dorothea Garfield Theatre  Box Office.

This year we will again be performing a Nutcracker Holiday Tea at the magnificent Fairmont Grand Del Mar Hotel and Resort.

We will also be providing a daytime performance for schools on December 9 at 10:30am. 

Tickets for this performance only, are just $6 by calling 858-586-7834.

We look forward to seeing you onstage or in the audience!    We know that your Imagination will thank you!

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