“Stretch” – A Boys Ballet Program for the Underserved Youth of San Diego

Ballet is Having a Renaissance – Our Boys Ballet Program Needs Your Support to Blossom

Why should all young men be enrolled in a Boys Ballet Class? Leading science has determined that a performing arts education is no longer an extracurricular activity, it is proven to be an essential tool for academic and personal excellence. “Thanks to leading scientific studies that demonstrate how dance and the performing arts can no longer be a “pass time” elective; rather that ballet, and the performing arts are finally being recognized as an essential educational tool for educational excellence is a game changer!

The performing arts ignite the right brain for critical thinking and problem solving. Ballet, the foundation for all dance genres provides a necessary practice for core strength, mental focus and emotional intelligence. Yes, It even promotes wisdom!” Professional athletes take ballet to increase flexibility, improve dexterity and prevent injury.   Scripps Performing Arts is committed to providing Ballet classes for young men in San Diego’s underserved communities.

Fact 1: It costs $145,000 per year to incarcerate a youth.
Fact 2: It costs $45,000 per year for a minimum of two years to support a homeless teen integrating back into society.
Fact 3: It costs $4,500 per year to provide an unlimited after school performing arts education with a solid classical ballet foundation. The program will include authentic and rigorous Ballet and Musical Theatre training 5 days per week from 4pm – 8pm, all day on Saturday’s.

Our goal is to purchase a “Ballet Bus” for transportation and match funds to deliver an unlimited performing arts education for 10 boys ranging in age from 13 – 17 years old.  Thank you for being part of a productive solution for today’s underserved youth.

Scripps Performing Arts Inc. is a 501 c(3) non-profit educational and charitable foundation.

To see more details about our boys class descriptions and what goes into their complete training, see our Boys Dance & Ballet program page here.


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