Develop your child’s stamina for the New Year!

Happy New Year!

How can we develop and improve our stamina in this New Year?  Not only for ourselves, but for our children too!

According to Mr. Webster, stamina is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. That “prolonged state” can also be described as

In the flow
“being in the zone” or “flow.”  Many people believe that the “zone or flow” is reserved for professional athletes or elite level performers. This is not the case! Flow is available to everyone, everyday!

Leading neurosciences tells us that the “flow” is the key for mastery. Developing stamina is the key for creating this state of “flow.”  Therefore, Stamina, Flow, and Mastery may be the very recipe for success!  Mastery of just about anything has a component of self-mastery. More than any New Years resolution, what we are talking about here is a lifetime of intention that can start now!

For ourselves and for our children, developing stamina begins with really good nutrition. School, work and play takes just a bit more these days, than the old “Breakfast for Champions.” Developing stamina starts with optimum fuel and hydration.

New York Times bestseller, Julie Morris, author of 5-superb, culinary treasures has assembled some of the most creative and delicious, nutrient-dense

recipes available for today’s active  families. My new personal favorite “Superfood Smoothies” is the most scrumptious, easy to fix and enjoyable blends for all ages!

Check out this talented, internationally-known pioneer in cooking with superfoods!

Hydration is also key. In San Diego it is easy to forget that we live in a desert. Proper hydration can easily be missed. Here at Scripps Performing Arts Academy, our middle and high school students often report how challenging it is (with very limited time in between classes) to use the restrooms. Unfortunately, many of them opt out of drinking water because they don’t have the “time.”

On the other hand, I often hear teachers frustration over how lethargic students become as the day goes on. Even in ballet class – barre work is enthusiastically executed.  Then when center floor work begins some students

developing Stamina
no longer demonstrate the necessary stamina to complete the class with their best effort.  What can we do?  Develop Stamina!

Here is one of the most valuable and comprehensive water consumption suggestions I have ever come across:

Promote optimum digestion by drinking 30 minutes before you eat. Never consume liquids while you are eating a meal.  Recommended daily water intake for active individuals is 1 liter of water for every 50lbs of weight. Take the total amount of daily optimum water intake and divide by 4 intakes per day.  Consumed within the following timing.

  1. Consume your first amount of water just as you awaken.
  2. Then again 30 minutes before lunch.
  3. Wait 2.5 hours after lunch and then consume your water.
  4. Again 30 minutes before dinner.

Developing the stamina to support your body and mind-is a reciprocal equation!

Happy New Year! And we’ll see you at the barre!

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