Children's Division for Dance & Ballet Classes

Ages 22 months to 14, Beginning to Beginning Intermediate Classes

The Scripps Performing Arts Academy is a quality professional training facility for kids ballet and dance, theatre and music. We promote the understanding that ballet is the foundation for all the performing arts and most sports. Gymnasts, ice skaters, even professional football players, utilize ballet to obtain 
personal excellence.

Our Academy offers a full dance curriculum including Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Jazz and Tap for beginning students through pre-professionals, for Toddlers through Adults. Our Musical Theatre department offers workshops and productions for the young aspiring thespian through advanced film and stage actors. The Music Department too, offers a wide variety of both vocal and instrumental instruction and we will continue to develop our academic conservatory for Junior Kindergarten through High-School students.

In our Children’s Division, students may start as toddlers, utilizing our creative Toddler n’ Me Classes. By 3-years-old children may participate in our Creative Dance Foundation program before being promoted to our primary divisions.

Performance opportunities are optional. We do not use class time to rehearse for “annual recitals”. We offer three major ballet productions each year, one tap and jazz production and a variety of musical theatre workshops, theatre productions and musical concerts for students who choose to develop their performance skills. We do not participate in competitions for students under 16-years of age.


Children’s Division

Classical Ballet

Toddler n’ Me (22 months to walking)
A delightful way to introduce your child to the world of music and the arts!

Pre-Ballet ( Ages 3-6)
Introductory Class focused on developing coordination, rhythm, creative movement & Pre-Ballet, while having fun cultivating a love for dance in a nurturing environment. This class develops motor skills, needed for success in any style.

Ballet K-1 (Kindergarten through First Grade, Ages 5-7)
Introductory Class that focuses further on coordination, rhythm, creative movement and Pre-Ballet, with exercises more focused on preparing the child for ballet movement.

Ballet I (Ages 7 and up)
Beginning Ballet class that focuses further on coordination, rhythm, creative movement and vocabulary, with exercises more focused on preparing the child for ballet movement and developing a love of dance!

Ballet II (Ages 8 and up)
Beginning Ballet Class that focuses on introducing Ballet terminology and the building blocks of Ballet, while creating a solid foundation in movement and a continued love for dance.

Ballet III First Year (Ages 9 and up)
Beginning-Intermediate Ballet Class that focus on developing classical technique, understanding ballet terminology, correct execution of basic steps as well as a basic understanding and application of placement and alignment. More vocabulary for barre and center is introduced. Preparation for Pointework begins the second and third year in Ballet III and in IV.

Contemporary Styles

Jazz/Tap 1/2 (Ages 6-11)
Beginning level J

Jazz 1 (9 years and up)
Beginning level Jazz class. Students work on basic flexibility, coordination and memorization of choreography. Dancers are invited to participate in our annual Jazz and Tap show and may be invited to dance in our Musical Theatre productions.

Jazz 2 (10 years and up)
Beginning-Intermediate level Jazz class. Students continue to work on flexibility, coordination and developing core strength for more difficult choreography. Dancers are invited to participate in our annual Jazz and Tap show, may be invited to dance in our Musical Theatre productions and other performance opportunities.

Teen Jazz (12 and up)
Teen Jazz. This is a beginning level class geared toward Teen aged students. Students learn basic jazz skills that will prepare them to move into upper level classes, and are also invited to participate in the annual Jazz and Tap Show. It is recommended that these students also enroll in Teen Ballet.

Tap 1 (9 years and up)
Beginning level tap offered as part of a combination class, as well as a more advanced hour long version by itself. Students learn basic tap steps and choreography. Dancers are invited to participate in the annual Jazz and Tap Show. Dancers are strongly encouraged to take ballet, and may be invited to dance in our Musical Theater Productions.

Tap 2 (10 years and up)
Beginning- Intermediate level tap. Emphasis on clarity of sounds, speed, strength and performance quality. Dancers are strongly encouraged to take ballet, invited to participate in annual Jazz and Tap Show and may be invited to dance in our Musical Theatre Productions.


Modern 1/2/Teen Modern (9 years and up)
In this class students will learn the basics of modern dance utilizing the techniques of Horton, Cunningham and Limon techniques. Modern is a style of theatrical dance that favors the natural movement of the body derived from the expression of inner feeling. It’s technique is based on principles of fall and recovery, contraction and release and also includes elements of chance and improvisation. Modern is most beneficial when taken with or as a supplement to a ballet class. All foundational dance movements, body alignment, balance, and coordination are built upon in a ballet class.

Hip Hop (13 years and up)
Students will learn the fundamentals of hip hop movement in upbeat and high energy classes. Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and funky footwork will all be incorporated. Students will learn to memorize choreography by working on a combination each class.

Musical Theater

Visit our Musical Theatre Page for more information! Programs offer for students beginning at Age 5!

Dance Classes & Ballet Classes in San Diego

Jennifer Huerta performing in Ben Stevenson's Sleeping Beauty as a soloist with Texas Ballet Theatre

What people are saying


" I first fell in love with the idea of becoming a ballerina at the age of three or four because it seemed exciting and glamorous. After convincing my parents to enroll me in Angela Amoroso's creative movement classes at Mission Bay Montessori, I was hooked. I soon followed Angela over to her studio at Scripps Performing Arts Academy where I continued to cultivate my love of dance. (Fast forward 24 years later, and here I am at the height of my professional dance career as a Soloist with Texas Ballet Theater).

Looking back on my childhood and the beginnings of my early development as an artist and individual, I realize how fortunate I was to start my dance training with Scripps Performing Arts. It quickly became like a second home and family to me, because it was a safe place where everyone could share their love of live theater while being encouraged to be our true individual selves. I will forever be grateful to Angela and Scripps Performing Arts because they were responsible for helping ignite the life long passion within me to dance. It was through their extremely nurturing, positive, fun, and more importantly non competitive program, that I never lost sight of my own personal reasons for dancing and never became tired of it.

One of the most important things the Academy instilled in its students was that even though we were children, we could make a difference in the world. After all of the countless performances of performing in honor of Earth Day, and in public libraries and high schools around the community, the most valuable lesson I learned, that I still try to apply to my life as a dancer to this day, is to always dance from my heart and for the pure joy that it may bring to others. Although I am just one small being in this universe, I too can make a difference by sharing my passion and talents with the world."
Jennifer Huerta
SPAA '98 graduate, Soloist with Texas Ballet Theatre