Imagination; the Key to Life!

At this time of year, every child’s imagination takes flight “as dreams of sugar plums dance through their heads.” Why? Because the human experience is all about imagination. It’s about creating all things good. Start with a paint brush or a key pad, it’s all about how we use our imagination.

Imagination Nutcracker dance ballet
  And when we utilize our imagination we feel good! Therefore…

The one thing I really know for sure is what happens to our students when they dance in our annual Nutcracker production.  This ballet performance allows them to “live in their imagination…” And that is a magical way to grow up!

Cooking on all burners, accessing a balance of the brain’s right and left hemispheres is how the imagination works. Ballet is everything to a developing mind. You cannot acquire leading edge knowledge by reading alone; you must dance it, drum it, and vibrate every cell in your body to perpetuate inspired learning. That is why we begin with ballet. To ignite the imagination forever.

Every year we observe how the developmental appropriateness of the total child is achieved. Take for instance a 3-year-old snowflake. One at a time they are given the opportunity to demonstrate what they have

Imagination nutcracker dance ballet
learned with freedom. Freedom in their imagination, freedom in their choices for how to deliver the choreography, freedom to be who they are.

The audience watches with anticipation as each child (unique as a snowflake itself) experiences the range of possibility for emotional growth. We observe sheer, fearless delight, then tender caution of deliberate intention.  Their Imagination soars, as weeks of rehearsal transforms the young child into an eternal student for life itself. It is really inspiring. After 38 years in education, I know that performing in the Nutcracker is essential to a well-rounded, education.


And finally, the magic is truly alive in all of our students who have been working for 7-or-more years, (11-18-year-old, boys and girls) developing and awakening to who they really are. Dancing like professionals, they touch the stage with grace, ready to be launched into the adult world, taking their imaginations with them.

All that ballet is, is now in all that they do. They have developed into such amazing people from the inside out, that it takes my breath away. All of the creativity, self awareness, discipline, and so much, more showers into all aspects of their lives. They have a tool box to conquer any challenge and a way to celebrate life and friendship like no other.

Imagination Fairmont Grand Del Mar Nutcracker tea
Educating children is complete with ballet.  And a ballet education is complete with our beloved, Holiday Nutcracker Tradition.

Register Today to be part of this magical experience. If you are unable to join us from the stage, be sure to get your early bird discounted tickets on   Will-Call-Wednesdays.

Starting September 28, 2016 Please visit the David & Dorothea Garfield Theatre  Box Office.

This year we will again be performing a Nutcracker Holiday Tea at the magnificent Fairmont Grand Del Mar Hotel and Resort.

We will also be providing a daytime performance for schools on December 9 at 10:30am. 

Tickets for this performance only, are just $6 by calling 858-586-7834.

We look forward to seeing you onstage or in the audience!    We know that your Imagination will thank you!

Birthing Dreams…

Have your dreams ever tickled you from the inside?Wess Gia Wessley_006

I mean the kind of dreams that make you feel completely giddy, with uncontrollable joy, a kind of exhilaration that an eagle must feel soaring to greater heights – last night I was there…

Maybe because many years ago, I had a dream.  I planted a seed so deep that the time it took to reach the surface seemed like an eternity. Sometimes it felt like it would never even break through the surface, let alone bloom. That’s where I’ve been living for a really long time – till last night.  Then all at once I felt that I was part of a greater whole, “Birthing Dreams!” Not just my dreams, but my students’ dreams and their students’ dreams, my colleagues’ dreams, and my family’s dreams  – a circle of life so big with possibility that any challenge became insignificant.

And how do so many dreams simultaneously come to fruition?

If I was to wrap it up in one word… I’d call it alignment.


Vivian Z., Pre-Professional Graduate 2013

Lining up with all things Good. Lining up with the knowledge that everything is always working out for you. When you seek your dreams in joy, that’s alignment and magic happens.

Assembled right here in San Diego, we are blessed with a team of the most creative and talented artists who know how to teach. Together, we have developed a nurturing pathway for every child to thrive, and reach for their dreams.  Our students utilize our unique “recipe,”  a hybrid ballet curriculum and performing arts program that produces results. It is outside the box: not the mainstream, no flash, and proving that willing millennials will be transformed.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Angela & Drew with Dr. Bruce Lipton

As a recreational student of quantum physics, sprinkled with epigenetics, I have explored the leading sciences and how to apply these incredible insights for our students today.  You don’t have to go far to find the studies that show how children who grow up in stressful environments are deprived of cellular nutrition and growth.  Consequently, living in chronic stress, fear, and anxiety makes them at risk for developing emotional and behavioral problems.  These students experience real challenges that reflect all kinds of emotional disorders, including the inability to maintain attention to their academic endeavors.

For our youth, subjective competitions at every level  (including dance competitions) is the polluted soil that science describes.  Many families that have retreated from these negative experiences have told me that their children have been traumatized and stripped of their dreams. Consequently, no matter how they are advertised, these subjective competitions are never a substitute for

performance opportunities for the developing artist. They are a part of unregulated big business that preys on our youth and families. Therefore, “Environment Matters!” as emphasized by Dr. Bruce Lipton. The performing arts (and particularly ballet, the foundation for just about everything) has a responsibility to today’s youth to support the joy that comes with the freedom of movement and the elevation of the human spirit.

Here at Scripps Performing Arts Academy we are delighted to invite all families who have recognized the detriment of unnecessary subjective competitions to join us in developing the whole child, the true artists of the 21st century, as they make their presence known.

Offering appropriate alternatives to discerning families that “Birth Dreams” is what tickles me to the core… Join us this year, on stage

or in the audience for our  annual holiday tradition of, “The Nutcracker” and see the magic that makes Scripps Performing Arts a Community in Action!  A dream come true for all!

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Competition? Have you taught your child this

essential tool for how to pull away from the crowd like an Olympic athlete? Beyond competition, the world recently watched in awe as USA swimmer, Katie Ledecky, pulled away from the crowd to set a world record and earn another gold medal. (Interestingly, she is always looking to better her own time, not beat somebody else.) Furthermore, there was no subjective opinion around her performance. It was thrilling and we shared in the celebration of her personal excellence!  Katie Ledecky

How do you coach young people to pull away from the crowd, out of the “shark infested waters” into the cool “Blue Ocean?”  Here is  where the “competition” no longer exists. How does a yo

ung person become inspired to be the best they can be and swim in their own “Blue Ocean?”

A Blue Ocean is a business strategy that has its roots in forgotten ancient wisdom and spiritual truth; go beyond the competition.  Simply, when you develop who you are, with all of your own gifts and talents (here is the essential part) IN JOY, rather than fear, you will pull away from the crowd as consistently as gravity. It is a universal law.

Competition is everywhere.  For today, I am going to paint a picture for the pre-professional ballet dancer, although this can be applied to every young person who is pursuing their personal best. We all have the capacity to be super-stars of our own gifts. (Identifying those gifts may be the real secret, a discussion left for another day)

Worthy Comparisons…

Theoretically speaking, lets take two identical, genetically gifted, passionate ballet dancers who are training to become legends. It is their dream. One has

824 Lauren Emily
parents who are in fear. It can appear as if they want this for their child even more than the child.  Why?  Because they love them so much. They can’t imagine their child’s disappointment if there dreams didn’t come true…

And so they begin a journey to find the best teachers. It is a trial and error process that wastes time, promotes injury, and is deadly discouraging. In fear of not “becoming,” the child and family become more machine than human. The “Ballet Mom” is born and the heART of ballet is lost. The family continues to sacrifice and invest thousands and thousands of dollars.  Especially relevant, they are unaware of how the chronic stress “turns on” the sympathetic nervous system, creating a continuous unhealthy, cortisol drip.

She enters competitions and even wins.  Then at 17-years-young, in the ballet company of her dream, she finds herself unsatisfied. She has “peaked” incomplete, before her time.  This childhood of intensity, propelled by fear, makes the student unable to develop the necessary emotional intelligence along the way. As a result this extraordinary, technically proficient dancer is unable to translate the art and collaborate with the company at large. Consequently, her world has become shark infested, competitive, superficial, and down deep she is miserable and confused. Everything that ballet really is, she is not.

The second child whose parents did the necessary homework to provide

824 Pre-Pro 16_008
all that was needed, in a nurturing environment, filled with joy, has a completely different experience. She has been swimming in her own “Blue Ocean” – and pulled away from the crowd from the very beginning. Here she was able to focus on becoming all that she can be. The curtain rises the audience in awe, and together they share the thrill of who she really is.  Scripps Ballet Theatre

At Scripps Performing Arts Academy our nurturing and talented faculty will teach your child how to pull away from the crowd and swim in their own “Blue Ocean.” We are committed to helping your child to discover how to live their dreams, whatever they may be.

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Can You Answer This Question

Inspired learning starts with a question.  “Do you want to know something that you didn’t know, that you didn’t know?” Those were the words asked of me by my former student, Daniel now a gifted healer. He played the part of a young fishing boy in a show that I created called, “Earthkalah”. I was inspired to write this story during the spring of 1988 after spending the weekend with Shirley Maclaine.  Spending time with this dynamic personality was a once in a lifetime experience.
I met Daniel again, many years later during one of the most challenging times of my life. This is when he posed the question and I answered with a child’s enthusiasm, “Yes, Yes!” That day my former student became my teacher.

As a teacher of ballet and musical theatre over these past 38 years I have had the privilege of watching my students “grow up” into incredible adults… and I can tell you that it’s just about the best career that could have ever chosen me.

The performing arts has kept me on the path of perpetual inspired learning for which I am very grateful. Inspired learning is the focus of what we offer here at Scripps Performing Arts Academy.  Especially relevant is how inspired learning begins with a commitment to know thyself. After 38 years, the best place I know how to explore this kind of unlimited potential is in the ballet class.
I am often asked, why a ballet class?  Because ballet allows the student to integrate the mind, and the physical body while developing emotional intelligence.  Furthermore, all that collaboration allows every cell of the human body to resonate with classical music ranging from Tchaikovsky to Stravinsky! Perhaps one of the best unknown ways to support the immune system.
I invite you to register today and support your child to continue a lifetime of inspired learning. And perhaps like me, we can all learn something we didn’t know, that we didn’t know… together!

Ballet Produces Results at Scripps Performing Arts Academy

Dance begins with BalletA balanced education for all children must include ballet and performing arts. Just ask any Mommy how she feels when she sees her toddler walk on their toes for the very first time. We were all born to dance! Dance begins with ballet!

First of all, developing a young person to explore their unlimited potential is a responsibility that takes “A 3-Legged Stool-” student, parent and ballet teacher. Executive Director and fine woodworker, Drew Skinner, reminds us that a 3-legged stool doesn’t wobble. It’s created to balance, just like a ballet dancer.

Furthermore, here at Scripps Performing Arts we recognize that performing ballet is the essential balance for a complete dance education.  This is why. . .

We balance our ballet classes with optional, beautiful productions.   This is especially relevant to how our students develop their artistry, confidence, and discernment. There is no need to participate in expensive dance competitions or costly recitals.  Our students have the opportunity to perform with our youth company, Scripps Ballet Theatre which is artistically directed by Miss Miah Nwosu.

See Scripps Ballet Theatre Perform

Finally, our students use their gifts and talents to make our world a better place. Due to our philanthropic performances, we have helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy organizations throughout San Diego County. These include: UCSD Medical Center, The Scripps Miramar Library Center, Hidden Valley House and more.

UCSD NICU Largest Single Donation

Perhaps an interesting coincidence is the simultaneous rise in popularity of dance competitions (a multi-billion dollar, unregulated industry) and bullying. Most of all, we are not alone in the case against competition. Leading science also shares our view…

The Case Against Competition-Alfie Kohn

Ballet Wings to FlyTherefore, we are proud to inspire our students from the inside-out to be great performers and great people. They are tenacious in an effort to master their current level of ballet before moving ahead to the next level. Because we utilize a Montessori approach, we are able to encourage our students to have a healthy respect for all ages and abilities. Furthermore, they understand that promotion to the next level is their own personal journey.

Most of all, they strive to be the best they can be, rather than being “the best!”  In addition, students experience the shift in an environment from unhealthy competition to nurturing excellence.  We are thrilled to support the next generation of students to live their dreams by falling in love with ballet.

We welcome you to join us today!  Experience a balanced ballet and performing arts education here at Scripps Performing Arts Academy.  As a result, we bet you’ll grow wings to fly!

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