Birthing Dreams…

Have your dreams ever tickled you from the inside?Wess Gia Wessley_006

I mean the kind of dreams that make you feel completely giddy, with uncontrollable joy, a kind of exhilaration that an eagle must feel soaring to greater heights – last night I was there…

Maybe because many years ago, I had a dream.  I planted a seed so deep that the time it took to reach the surface seemed like an eternity. Sometimes it felt like it would never even break through the surface, let alone bloom. That’s where I’ve been living for a really long time – till last night.  Then all at once I felt that I was part of a greater whole, “Birthing Dreams!” Not just my dreams, but my students’ dreams and their students’ dreams, my colleagues’ dreams, and my family’s dreams  – a circle of life so big with possibility that any challenge became insignificant.

And how do so many dreams simultaneously come to fruition?

If I was to wrap it up in one word… I’d call it alignment.


Vivian Z., Pre-Professional Graduate 2013

Lining up with all things Good. Lining up with the knowledge that everything is always working out for you. When you seek your dreams in joy, that’s alignment and magic happens.

Assembled right here in San Diego, we are blessed with a team of the most creative and talented artists who know how to teach. Together, we have developed a nurturing pathway for every child to thrive, and reach for their dreams.  Our students utilize our unique “recipe,”  a hybrid ballet curriculum and performing arts program that produces results. It is outside the box: not the mainstream, no flash, and proving that willing millennials will be transformed.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Angela & Drew with Dr. Bruce Lipton

As a recreational student of quantum physics, sprinkled with epigenetics, I have explored the leading sciences and how to apply these incredible insights for our students today.  You don’t have to go far to find the studies that show how children who grow up in stressful environments are deprived of cellular nutrition and growth.  Consequently, living in chronic stress, fear, and anxiety makes them at risk for developing emotional and behavioral problems.  These students experience real challenges that reflect all kinds of emotional disorders, including the inability to maintain attention to their academic endeavors.

For our youth, subjective competitions at every level  (including dance competitions) is the polluted soil that science describes.  Many families that have retreated from these negative experiences have told me that their children have been traumatized and stripped of their dreams. Consequently, no matter how they are advertised, these subjective competitions are never a substitute for

performance opportunities for the developing artist. They are a part of unregulated big business that preys on our youth and families. Therefore, “Environment Matters!” as emphasized by Dr. Bruce Lipton. The performing arts (and particularly ballet, the foundation for just about everything) has a responsibility to today’s youth to support the joy that comes with the freedom of movement and the elevation of the human spirit.

Here at Scripps Performing Arts Academy we are delighted to invite all families who have recognized the detriment of unnecessary subjective competitions to join us in developing the whole child, the true artists of the 21st century, as they make their presence known.

Offering appropriate alternatives to discerning families that “Birth Dreams” is what tickles me to the core… Join us this year, on stage

or in the audience for our  annual holiday tradition of, “The Nutcracker” and see the magic that makes Scripps Performing Arts a Community in Action!  A dream come true for all!

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