Ballet Produces Results at Scripps Performing Arts Academy

Dance begins with BalletA balanced education for all children must include ballet and performing arts. Just ask any Mommy how she feels when she sees her toddler walk on their toes for the very first time. We were all born to dance! Dance begins with ballet!

First of all, developing a young person to explore their unlimited potential is a responsibility that takes “A 3-Legged Stool-” student, parent and ballet teacher. Executive Director and fine woodworker, Drew Skinner, reminds us that a 3-legged stool doesn’t wobble. It’s created to balance, just like a ballet dancer.

Furthermore, here at Scripps Performing Arts we recognize that performing ballet is the essential balance for a complete dance education.  This is why. . .

We balance our ballet classes with optional, beautiful productions.   This is especially relevant to how our students develop their artistry, confidence, and discernment. There is no need to participate in expensive dance competitions or costly recitals.  Our students have the opportunity to perform with our youth company, Scripps Ballet Theatre which is artistically directed by Miss Miah Nwosu.

See Scripps Ballet Theatre Perform

Finally, our students use their gifts and talents to make our world a better place. Due to our philanthropic performances, we have helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy organizations throughout San Diego County. These include: UCSD Medical Center, The Scripps Miramar Library Center, Hidden Valley House and more.

UCSD NICU Largest Single Donation

Perhaps an interesting coincidence is the simultaneous rise in popularity of dance competitions (a multi-billion dollar, unregulated industry) and bullying. Most of all, we are not alone in the case against competition. Leading science also shares our view…

The Case Against Competition-Alfie Kohn

Ballet Wings to FlyTherefore, we are proud to inspire our students from the inside-out to be great performers and great people. They are tenacious in an effort to master their current level of ballet before moving ahead to the next level. Because we utilize a Montessori approach, we are able to encourage our students to have a healthy respect for all ages and abilities. Furthermore, they understand that promotion to the next level is their own personal journey.

Most of all, they strive to be the best they can be, rather than being “the best!”  In addition, students experience the shift in an environment from unhealthy competition to nurturing excellence.  We are thrilled to support the next generation of students to live their dreams by falling in love with ballet.

We welcome you to join us today!  Experience a balanced ballet and performing arts education here at Scripps Performing Arts Academy.  As a result, we bet you’ll grow wings to fly!

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